Presentation Proposals


ASES SOLAR 2017 Call for Participation


The Call for Participation is closed.

Topical Areas

Progress to 100% Renewable Energy

  • What is working at the local, regional and/or national level and why?
  • PACE and other financing
  • Renewables working together
  • Community solar
  • Critical role of renewable energy in climate, air quality, water, food, and all other aspects of sustainable living

Technology Innovations

  • Resource assessment
  • Solar & wind energy technologies
  • Energy storage, vehicle to grid, vehicle to building
  • Transportation, electric vehicles
  • Grid integration, smart grids, micro-grids, grid management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Integrated building controls
  • Tiny houses

Education and Community Building

  • Programs to raise public awareness and action
  • Teaching renewable energy in the classroom
  • Renewables in sports
  • Strategies to advance contributions of emerging professionals
  • Tools for advocates

The 41st National Passive Solar Conference will also be part of SOLAR 2017, and will include the following topics

  • Passive solar heating and cooling strategies to achieve 100% renewable energy in buildings
  • Design tools, simulation, performance measurement and controls
  • Building science implications in sustainable and carbon neutral design
  • Building integrated renewable energy strategies
  • Innovation, efficiency, renewables and market demand
  • Case studies


Questions – Contact Deadline: April 1, 2017.